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Marissa Thomas is an Administrative Associate in the Atlanta office, supporting the Multi-Family Office Team and the Chief Operating Officer. In this role, she ensures all clients, prospects, and guests have first-class in-person and virtual experiences with Balentine. Marissa excels at optimizing office efficiency through meticulous organization, effective time management, and clear communication. Prior to joining Balentine, Marissa was a senior executive administrator at ADP. She holds a B.S. from The University of Georgia. 

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Marissa Thomas
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B.S., The University of Georgia


Senior Executive Administrator with ADP

Professional affiliations & awards
Community involvement

Member of Buckhead Church

Volunteer at various Food Banks and Outreach Programs within the community


Why did you choose to come to work at Balentine?

I am impressed by Balentine’s commitment to the growth and development of its employees. Balentine set itself apart from other companies right from the beginning with how they conducted their interview process. They were very thorough and detailed every step of the way in vetting a candidate as the best fit not only for the position, but also the culture. The detailed questions asked during the process and prompt communication spoke volumes on how Balentine conducts business. The values Balentine upholds and emphasis they take in leading with integrity is very attractive to me- this is a culture that makes me proud to be a part of Balentine. Working at Balentine allows me to achieve my goals, while challenging me to grow and learn along the way.

What is your favorite sport or activity? Why? 

I really enjoy exercising, specifically weightlifting. Not only is this a great activity to adopt a healthy lifestyle, it has many benefits- physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. Weightlifting is a major confidence builder. Over time, as you get better at something you are doing, you develop a sense of mastery and feeling that you are getting stronger, which gives you a major boost in self-esteem. It also gives you a great community to be around other likeminded individuals that are dedicated to prioritizing their fitness, which speaks for itself.

What do you like to do in your down time away from work? 

I am an extrovert and love to explore, meet new people, and experience new things. I am very much a foodie- I love to cook and taste different cuisines. A passion of mine is being able to create a recipe that is not only delicious but also healthy, and it delights me to see others enjoy it. I am constantly looking for fun ways to explore, whether it be in Atlanta or a new city. I enjoy trying new fitness studios/exercise classes, attending festivals of all kinds, concerts, food/beverage tastings, shopping and decorating. I also love to plan events- anything to get everyone together and celebrate. From birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, bachelorette parties, dinner parties- you name it and I would love to plan it!

How does the work you do make a difference?

I love being able to help people and make a positive impact on their lives. As an administrative assistant, I excel at optimizing office efficiency through meticulous organization, effective time management, and clear communication. My ability to handle diverse tasks, from scheduling and document management to problem-solving, ensures the smooth operation of the office and ultimately allows those I support to do their job successfully; allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities and provide the best service to their clients.

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