Christina Callesis, MSHRM

Director, Human Resources



Christina Callesis, MSHRM is Balentine’s Director of Human Resources. In this role she helps Balentine create an environment where motivated people flourish by overseeing recruitment, compensation, retention, and training.

Christina joined the Balentine team in 2016 and served as Balentine’s Human Resources and Project Manager prior to her current position. Christina is a graduate of theUniversity of Florida, where she earned a BBA with minors in entrepreneurship; non-profit organizational leadership; and family, youth, and community sciences. In December 2018, she earned her master’s degree in human resource management from Florida International University.

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Christina Callesis, MSHRM
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MS, Florida International University Online (Human Resource Management)

BA, University of Florida (Business Administration)


GatorCPR, Director of Operations

Professional affiliations & awards
Community involvement

Kate’s Club, Buddy Volunteer

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation, Parish Council Member and Welcoming Committee Chair

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation, Young Professionals Ministry Co-Leader


What inspires you to come to work each day?

Balentine’s welcoming environment, combined with anticipation about learning something new, are both huge motivators.

What do you like to do in your down time away from work?

One of my biggest passions is Greek dancing, which I have been doing since I was four years old. Traditional costumes and music are paired with choreographed steps to form such an expressive experience. It’s the best way for me to bond with my culture!

Where is the most exotic place you have ever been?

Lunahuaná, Peru. I stayed in a country house where the organic garden onsite has over 300 species of plants. Down the road, I was able to go zip lining from mountain to mountain, ATV riding around town, and white-water rafting.

What is your favorite sport or activity? Why?

I love to watch football, both NCAA and NFL (Go Gators! Go Eagles!). I also love to play Ultimate Frisbee. If you think about it, it’s a mixture of football, soccer, and basketball, and there’s hardly any downtime while playing.

If you were a superhero, what superpower would you have?

The ability to be multiple places at once.

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