Institutional-quality investment process honed over several decades.

Our decades of informed investing experience benefit individual and institutional clients alike.

Bull or bear, markets are no match for our investment strategy.

We know that it’s better to spend time in the market rather than timing the market - so our unemotional, data-driven process seeks to manage risk over return. Within that, our customized strategies allow us to accommodate your specific risk tolerance, goals, and tax situation. And as dedicated fiduciaries without a proprietary investment vehicle, you can rest assured that our goals are always aligned with yours.

Public Markets

We'll tailor an investment approach for you that meets your individualized risk tolerance and regulatory restrictions, as set forth in the

investment policy statement (IPS).

Private Markets

Deeper explanation of why and how Balentine invests in private markets, and how the firm goes above and beyond for clients

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Tax Considerations

Deeper explanation of why and how Balentine makes taxable investments, and how the firm goes above and beyond for clients


Portfolio diversification can provide a smoother ride and insulation from volatile equities. We can help you select the right type of diversification — and implement the right strategy — to provide stability today and returns in the future.

Our investment philosophy

Handling the market with transparency.

As humans, we’re hardwired to be emotional. That instinct has served us well since the dawn of time to avoid threats in our environment to our species. And yet, that “fight or flight” impulse tempts us to try to time the markets — and doesn’t always lead to successful investment outcomes.

We’ve developed what we consider to be a disciplined, objective, model-driven investment process to navigate the inevitable investor tendency of oscillating between excessive greed and fear. We’ve seen market volatility before, and we take seriously our responsibility to help you through.

Experienced team

In the past 35 years, our team has honed a disciplined, consistent, and efficient investment process, which relies on objective inputs at its core. Balentine’s model is built on asset class performance dispersion, which unfolds throughout long periods with great amplitude — and creates opportunities in a simple, repeatable way.

Timeless investment philosophy

Our philosophy is grounded in behavioral finance: understanding that investors will gradually and predictably change emotions over time. The market pushes some asset classes too high on greed, while pushing others too low on fear. As long as investors continue to demonstrate behavior driven by these emotions, there will always be market inefficiencies that our proprietary models are designed to capture.

Repeatable investment process

We know that attempts to time the exact market bottom or top of each cycle are futile, and that return dispersions between asset class pairs are both widespread and long-lived. Our proprietary quantitative models are able to identify where we are in the market cycle, not only capitalizing on the emotional patterns of other market participants, but also capturing the majority of an unfolding cycle.

Audited track record

We seek to provide downside protection in sustained bear markets while also participating in bull markets. Our investment process leads to proactive rebalancing into asset classes that we believe are more likely to outperform, and away from asset classes that are decreasing in value. We also are quick to capitalize on tactical opportunities, which benefits investors looking to realize near-term opportunities that may have otherwise been missed.

The Balentine Difference

“We feel very secure with Balentine. The investing expertise and professionalism is the very best”
Current Balentine Client
"Balentine built a bespoke approach to my needs and brought complete visibility to my complex portfolio, bringing all the assets under one purview. They’ve provided well thought-out financial advice across a broad range of areas: from venture capital and private equity to real estate and art as an asset class."

Former CEO of Public Company

Current Balentine Client
"Prior to Balentine, I just invested in stocks; there was no real strategy, and I was overseeing it all while trying to run a company. I needed a quarterback, someone to be my trusted advisor and more than just someone picking stocks, bonds and alternative investments."

Retired Technology CEO

Current Balentine Client
Balentine has delivered.... flexibility in developing an investment strategy that complements our existing investments.  While we could go anywhere for advice, we find Balentine is the perfect mix of a boutique’s approach to client service with the depth of expertise found in large organizations."

Todd & Laura Olson

Current Balentine Clients
"I was coming into this brand-new world where my wealth was now in a brokerage account instead of tethered to my company where I could control what happens next. Balentine did an unbelievably fantastic job helping me transition and feel comfortable during the onboarding."

Andy Vabulas

Current Balentine Client

Current Balentine Client
Balentine clients were not compensated via credits or other benefits from Balentine for providing testimonials. Quotes do not necessarily represent all client experiences.

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