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Emphasizing partnership within institutional management.

We partner with plans and consultants to identify and act on opportunities, protecting capital and capturing market upside.

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Taking a collaborative approach to partnership.

“The team at Balentine is a true partner in managing our organization's assets, for annual operational support and our long-term sustainability.”
- Current Balentine Client

Balentine clients were not compensated via credits or other benefits from Balentine for providing testimonials. Quotes do not necessarily represent all client experiences.

We believe a successful partnership with our institutional management clients hinges on these ingredients: A proactive investment strategy, a high-performance culture, and an integrated approach to near-term and long-term strategy.

How we work with each other

Our team of subject matter experts takes a collaborative approach to each portfolio, looking to realize near-term opportunities within the long-term strategy.

How we work with you

We understand the responsibility carried by each steward of a plan, whether you are the trustee tasked with layers of complex fiduciary duties, or the consultant helping support the many decisions trustees must navigate.

What makes our model work?

Our philosophy: Timeless. Our process: Repeatable. With more than three decades of demonstrated success, consultants can rest assured that our proven track record is not merely an investment fad or anomaly.

Reliable, model-driven approach

In the past 35 years, our team has honed a disciplined, consistent, and efficient investment process, which at its core relies on objective inputs. Balentine’s key insight is asset class performance dispersion, which unfolds throughout long periods with great amplitude — thus creating opportunities in a simple, repeatable way.

Timeless investment philosophy

Our unemotional, data-driven investment process is grounded in behavioral finance: Understanding that investors will gradually and predictably change emotions over time. The market pushes some asset classes too high on greed while pushing others too low on fear. We believe that as long as investors continue to demonstrate behavior driven by these emotions, there will always be market inefficiencies that our proprietary models are designed to capture.

Repeatable investment process

We know that attempts to time the exact market bottom or top of each cycle are futile — and that return dispersions between asset class pairs are widespread. Our proprietary quantitative models are able to identify where we are in the market cycle, not only capitalizing on the emotional patterns of other market participants, but also capturing the majority of an unfolding cycle.

Proactive, tactical strategy

We seek to provide downside protection in sustained bear markets while also participating in bull markets. Our investment process leads to proactive rebalancing into asset classes that we believe are more likely to outperform and away from asset classes that are decreasing in value. We also are quick to capitalize on tactical opportunities, which benefits investors looking to realize near-term opportunities that may have otherwise been missed.

The time is right for global asset allocation.

Many institutions rely on strategic asset allocation (SAA) to maximize their risk-adjusted returns. However, the inherent long-term focus of many such allocations may cause investors to miss near-term market opportunities.

Our primary focus as a global asset allocation (GAA) manager is to identify and act on opportunities by moving quickly to protect capital and to capture market upside as cycles develop  — within a global opportunity set.

Our GAA strategies utilize a quantitative investment process to identify near-term opportunities across asset classes. This provides timing diversification to portfolios that are typically more focused on long-term strategic asset allocation.

Proven Success

We help institutions strive for outperformance through asset class selection — not security selection. We’re nimble in our ability to tactically shift in and out of asset classes as market cycles change.

Limited Downside

Our GAA strategies are designed to protect capital in down markets and participate in up markets.

Individualized Approach

We tailor our approach to meet your individualized risk tolerance and regulatory restrictions, as set forth in the investment policy statement (IPS).

Efficient Implementation

Low-cost funds provide an efficient way to implement ideas across a global opportunity set.

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“From top to bottom, Balentine's customer service is second to none. Be it a small question on a report or a larger request to discuss strategies, returns, outlooks and allocations with our corporate Finance Team, they have consistently lived up to their promise of availability and communication. As a non-profit we are beholden to different stakeholders, who though well-intended may sometimes be less financially savvy. During significant market swings or down-times this can be quite challenging.”
- Current Balentine Client

Balentine clients were not compensated via credits or other benefits from Balentine for providing testimonials. Quotes do not necessarily represent all client experiences.

Browse our collection of resources for trustees and consultants.

For trustees juggling many fiduciary responsibilities, there’s a myriad of news and information to constantly unpack. As a plan consultant, you’re likely trying to make that burden a little lighter. Delve deeper into these topics our clients frequently mention, with insights from our knowledgeable Balentine team.

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Handing the Baton from Growth to Value

We look forward to meeting you.

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