Life isn’t static.
Your financial plan shouldn’t be, either.

We’ll help you outline your goals, evaluate the right path, and implement your desired financial strategy.

Couple husband and wife discussing financial plans with Balentine

Planning that prioritizes you.

Our financial planning process begins with understanding where you are today
and where you’d like to be in the future. The process is customized to meet your specific needs rather than what’s most efficient for us.

This approach allows us to help you quantify your aspirations, evaluate various paths for achieving these goals, and develop a blueprint of financial decisions all while working to maximize the likelihood of success, however you define it.

Prioritize what’s important.

Planning encompasses a plethora of areas, with varying degrees of importance, urgency, and complexity based on your age, stage, career, or situation. We’ll help address your most pressing needs first, keeping other areas in our peripheral to undertake when the time is right.

Plan continuously.

Life isn’t static, and your financial plan shouldn’t be either. Our plans aren’t shelved documents referenced annually, but rather dynamic scenario planning to help you visualize the what-ifs. Myriad scenarios can alter your economic future, and it is our job to guide you amid varying circumstances and decisions. It’s continuous planning, rather than a plan that leads to selling a product.

Access expert advice.

We engage with your current advisory team, and introduce experts when necessary, to bring you information and recommendations truly tailored to you and in your best interest. Together with your tax, legal and other advisors, we make informed recommendations amid your varying circumstances, communicating across your advisors to ensure each party knows pertinent information needed to do their job for you.

Find clarity and simplicity.

Your financial world is complex, but understanding it doesn’t have to be. We aim for you to keep a pulse of your full financial picture in one place with timely data. That’s why we address each area at a time, when it’s relevant, to help you understand where you are today without it being overwhelming, so that you can take the next best step.

Our planning services

Attain financial peace of mind with confidence.

Along with a suite of customized technology tools to help you identify the most efficient means of attaining your goals, our financial planning services span the following areas. If you find yourself asking these same questions, it may be time to contact us to discuss a financial plan as unique as you are.

Balance Sheets

How can I see my full financial world in one place with timely data?

What’s the optimal ownership structure for my assets?

Cash Flow

Can my portfolio support my current or anticipated spending needs?

How much can I afford to withdraw from my portfolio?


What actions can I take to reduce my taxes today, or decades from now?

Estate and Legacy

Does my estate plan align with my current wishes and realities?


How can I be more effective in my giving?

Investment Management

Is my portfolio appropriately allocated in order to achieve my needs, while considering my willingness and ability to take risk?

How can my various accounts be allocated more effectively?

Income Replacement

Do I have the appropriate coverage amount?

Is it the most cost-effective type of coverage?

Asset Protection

Do I have the appropriate coverage for my needs?

Are there any gaps in my coverage?

Husband and wife in a meeting with their relationship manager at Balentine
Wealth management tools

Start simplifying with Balentine Blueprint™.

All financial plans involve choices. We believe visually experiencing the effect of a change allows our clients to better understand their options.

Our exclusive Balentine Blueprint offers a view of your full financial picture with real-time values, allows access to your secure digital vault, and tracks your spending with our proprietary planning platform.

Balentine Blueprint enables us to make informed recommendations by capturing and streamlining your financial portfolio. How? By leveraging our decades of experience, along with leading planning and quantitative risk assessment software, to design strategic plans that monitor your progress — and ultimately, help you achieve your personal goals.

The Balentine Difference

“I appreciate the entrepreneurial mindset with which we approach every day and every decision at Balentine. It’s important for a firm to stay nimble, and I love that we have stayed true to that approach as we've grown.”

Emily Barbour

Head of Client Experience, Principal
“Over several years, my wife and I focused on our estate transition to the next generation. We began working with Balentine toward the end of this process and they helped us with tools and advice. From an implementation standpoint, we put a team together and Balentine was on all the calls and emails, communicating extremely well. I felt confident we had the right team together and I’m very glad Balentine was there. They have helped my children, who now understand the estate much better. That has meant the world.”

Marc Noël

Current Balentine Client
“Balentine has a great story, and I love how the firm’s history has shaped our culture. Being a part of that story as a valued employee keeps me coming back for more.”

Christiana Callesis, MSHRM

Director, Human Resources
“Founding Balentine has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. I’m proud of what we’ve built together and am excited for the opportunities to come.”

Erica Farber

Retired Partner
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Balentine clients were not compensated via credits or other benefits from Balentine for providing testimonials. Quotes do not necessarily represent all client experiences.

The Balentine Difference

“Working with Balentine has been incredible. From day one, they were so lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique.”

Jane Smith

CEO, Industrial Industries

The Balentine Difference

“Working with Balentine has been incredible. From day one, they were so lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique.”

Jane Smith

CEO, Industrial Industries

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Reach for your goals: We’ll go the extra mile to make sure you get there.

At Balentine, we do it all, even services that don’t neatly fall into one of these categories. Our highly personalized, full-team approach brings objectivity, insight, and experience to identify your goals and objectives. How can we help you on your wealth management journey?

We help clients reach new levels of alignment, authenticity, trust, and transparency with loved ones by including each generation in discussions around wealth and exploring opportunities that reflect family values and interests.

We invest in public and private markets as well as making investments that are taxable and tax-exempt — guided by our unemotional, data-driven models.

Managing wealth is distinctly different from managing and operating a company — and as entrepreneurs ourselves, we can provide unbiased, experience-backed advice on decisions like taking your company public, making your exit, or creating a succession plan.

We proudly serve as a trusted partner to plans and consultants alike: Protecting capital, capturing market upside, and identifying and acting on opportunities, near and far.