Carrying your business
is an incredible
entrepreneurial feat.

Let us make the load a little lighter.

We work with founders and family-owned businesses to offer honest, experienced, and valuable counsel so you can confidently navigate what's next for your business and family.

Family Office Team meeting with clients to discuss their future and legacy to best serve their family

Top questions of business owners who could benefit from our counsel

The transition of your business is likely the largest financial decision you will make during your lifetime. The insights you gain from experienced professionals will save you time, money, and heartache. While the issues will become more complex and technical as you go through the process, here is a list of five questions to help you get started on your journey.

What is next for my business?
When is the right time to transition my business?
What’s my business worth?
Who will receive the wealth generated?
How should I communicate the transition?

Planning decisions are interwoven and complex between the business and the family.

Here are the ways we look at how to distinguish between your business and the business of your family

The Family Business

The Business of the Family


Industry Dynamics
Competitive Positioning
Strategic Initiatives


Family Dynamics
Values and Philosophies
Goal Based Objectives


Capital Considerations
Distribution Policy
Leadership & Demographics


Personal Assets & Peace of Mind
Estate and Wealth Transition
Family Leadership & Education


Aligned Incentives 
Company Culture
Communication Strategy


Optimal Shareholder/Assets
Legal Documentation
Community Strategy

For entrepreneurs, your passion is your business.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that business owners are wholly immersed in the success of their companies and often need someone to trust for honest, sound advice.  As you navigate what’s next for your business, you may benefit from our experience and counsel to help you consider critical questions and pursue opportunities.

We help business owners parse through options to maximize outcomes. This way, you do not face challenging decisions alone and instead feel confident as you explore and decide what’s next for your business.


Balentine has an extensive track record of helping entrepreneurs navigate business strategy, the sales process, and, when appropriate, how to manage the proceeds of a liquidity event to achieve their goals.

Business Owners

As a firm founded by entrepreneurs and 100% owned by employees, Balentine understands the complexities involved in running a closely held business.


As an independent, non broker-dealer, Balentine is agnostic to whether or not our clients transact and has no financial interest in our clients “doing a deal.”

How we've supported entrepreneurs

We tailor each of our engagements to support business owners based on their most pressing needs. As a true fiduciary, we work with business owners and outside advisors to help ensure they do not price their company too low, sell when they could have retained ownership, or approach the sale of the business before the business is poised for a successful transition. Below are examples of some of the ways we have helped entrepreneurs navigate what's next for their business and family.

Industrial Services

Industrial Services

Industrial Services

The family approached Balentine to guide them through selling their business — an industry-leading provider of HVAC equipment. The company needed counsel on liquidity options, succession planning, and board constitution. We advised on two ~$50MM dividend recapitalizations, allowing for liquidity, estate planning, and maintaining equity control, and guided on the sale of equity stakes for more than ~$200MM. Collaborating with the owner, we established key performance indicators and a reporting dashboard. We created a board and acted as active board observer, all while helping formulate a succession plan. Additionally, we identified comparable public and private competitors to formulate valuation for the company to base their offers.

Leisure Management Company

Leisure Management Company

Leisure Management Software

A U.K based provider of leisure facility management was severely impacted by the COVID pandemic and needed both board/strategic advisory services as well as financing assistance. We coordinated multiple equity raises, advised the board on best practices, and helped develop a strategy to avoid a Covid-induced cash crunch. We also provided valuation data on comparable companies to derive valuation estimates and identified and negotiated with potential strategic acquirers.

Large Franchise Owner/Operator

Large Franchise Owner/Operator

Large Franchise Owner

A largest U.S. fast food franchise owner/operator needed advice sourcing and evaluating financing needs and maximizing tax efficiency. We advised on an over $400MM leveraged recapitalization and advised and sourced preferred equity investments. We consulted on recognizing depreciation and how to maximize tax efficiency in the event of a future sale.

Synthetic Materials Group

Synthetic Materials Group

Synthetic Materials Group

A major industrial management company focused on synthetic materials needed general business strategy and capital structure advice. We advised the founding family on potential strategic venture investments and optimal structuring. Consulting with the CFO, we helped build a master model for cash flow planning for various complex entities. And finally, we helped the family source strategic minority investors for a new venture.

Laboratory Installation Company

Laboratory Installation Company

Laboratory Installation Company

A laboratory installation organization was looking to sell the company in the short term. Our business succession assessment identified alternative transition options to meet the objectives for the management team. We developed a plan and enhanced the company’s attractiveness and readiness for transition. Instead of selling in the short term, the company sold four years later at nearly 5x the value at the beginning of the engagement. For the primary shareholder, we identified gaps between the current and optimal conditions of the family’s wealth transfer plan. Our evaluation resulted in savings of tens of millions of estate taxes which were redirected to future generations of the family and their favorite charities.

The Balentine Difference

"Balentine guided me through the process of selling my business. After, my head was spinning from my transaction, and I was coming into this brand-new world where my wealth was now in a brokerage account instead of tethered to my company where I could control what happens next. Balentine did an unbelievably fantastic job helping me transition and feel comfortable during the onboarding."

Andy Vabulas

Current Balentine Client
"When selecting wealth advisors, we wanted to work with a firm that understands what we face as entrepreneurs and can be proactive in addressing our needs. Balentine has delivered on this and more, providing innovative ideas."

Todd & Laura Olson

Current Balentine Clients
"Balentine helps us by asking the right questions; they guide us without imposing their thoughts. They keep us on the right track and come with solutions and tools for what we want to do."

Marc and Cecil Noel

Current Balentine Clients
As I was preparing to sell my company, the Balentine team was right there to help me think about and address less exciting topics early on - from our estate plan, to accounting services, understanding the potential tax consequences of a sale, to business and personal insurance. They introduced me to talented professionals I didn't know, and helped me think through the best approach to do things better, smarter, and more efficiently."

Retired Tech CEO

Current Balentine Client
Balentine clients were not compensated via credits or other benefits from Balentine for providing testimonials. Quotes do not necessarily represent all client experiences.

Business advisory by the numbers.

As you navigate what’s next for your business, you may benefit from our experience and counsel to help you consider critical questions and pursue opportunities.


Advised on $3B+ of business enterprise value


Revenue from fees for advice only


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Our vision stands the test of time.

When Robert Balentine and his father, Bob Balentine, saw the chance to build a different kind of investment firm in 1987, they chose "what could be" over "what is."

Several decades and billions of dollars in assets under management later, Balentine is still choosing potential — backed by proven processes, exceptional people, and an unemotional, data-driven investment process to create performance.


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client retention rate


years of our proven investment process


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Learn more about the brains behind business advisory.

From steps for selling your business to successfully navigating succession planning, browse our collection of resources by and for entrepreneurs from Balentine thought leaders.

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John Maddison shares how a deep bench of superstar advisors can help entrepreneurs see their blindspots and make better decisions in this article for the TBJ.

What Is the Value of Mentorship?

Robert Balentine shares the importance of grounding your business in trusting relationships in this Forbes article.

Reach for your goals —we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you get there.

At Balentine, we do it all — even services that don’t neatly fall into one of these categories. Our highly personalized, full-team approach brings objectivity, insight, and experience to identify your goals and objectives. How can we help you on your wealth management journey?

Our financial planning services run the gamut, from asset and balance sheet management to cash flow reporting and maintenance.

We help clients reach new levels of alignment, authenticity, trust, and transparency with loved ones by including each generation in discussions around wealth and exploring opportunities that reflect family values and interests.

We invest in public and private markets as well as making investments that are taxable and tax-exempt — guided by our unemotional, data-driven models.

We proudly serve as a trusted partner to plans and consultants alike: Protecting capital, capturing market upside, and identifying and acting on opportunities, near and far.