Clifton Dortch, Jr, J.D., LL.M.

Relationship Manager Atlanta Wealth



Clifton Dortch, J.D., LL.M. is a Relationship Manager at Balentine. He brings over six years of experience as a Wealth Planner and Wealth Advisor at Wells Fargo Private Bank to this role.

Prior to shifting his focus to finance, Clifton graduated cum laude with a J.D. from Florida A&M University and earned an LL.M. in Taxation from the Frederic G. Levin College of Law at the University of Florida. He is still licensed to practice law in Florida and Georgia. Clifton also holds a BA in Political Science and Government from Furman University.

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Clifton Dortch, Jr, J.D., LL.M.
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BA, Furman University

J.D., Florida A&M University College of Law

LL.M., University of Florida Levin College of Law


PricewaterhouseCoopers, Tax Processing Specialist

Wells Fargo Private Bank, Wealth Planner and Wealth Advisor

Professional affiliations & awards

The Florida Bar, Member

The Georgia Bar, Member

Community involvement

Center for Children and Young Adults, Board Member


How and why did you get into this business?

It was a blessing for me to get into this business. After finishing my educational career, the economy made it really tough for new attorneys to land positions. Luckily, I was able to pivot from my legal career into finance and it has been great ever since!The impetus for me wanting to pursue a career in wealth management was my desire to educate myself and others on the topic of financial literacy. I believe that it is paramount to understand how to manage your finances, not only for yourself but also for others that may be affected.

Why did you choose to come to work at Balentine?

I chose to come to work at Balentine for one reason only: the people. I believe that the people at Balentine promote a team-oriented approach that truly focuses on placing the client experience at the top of the priority list. I really feel that myself and my colleagues will always go above and beyond to help our clients reach their goals.

Who were your heroes growing up and how did that influence your life and career?

My mother has been the biggest hero in my life. Growing up in a single-parent household, things weren’t always easy but I was able to have a tremendous example of how much hard work, dedication, and perseverance really mean. I can honestly say that I would not be the man that I am today If my mom had not been such a wonderful example.

What do you like to do in your downtime away from work?

My downtime consists of working out, cooking, watching movies, golfing, and fishing. The last two are fairly new hobbies that I have acquired, but I have grown to love them very quickly.

What are the big issues that Balentine needs to solve to truly benefit clients?

In my opinion, Wealth management companies should focus on uncovering the issues that our clients face that they don’t readily divulge. In my experience, it is these issues that really make a difference in whether our clients truly feel that we are a trusted advisor. As that trusted advisor, I believe that it is incumbent upon us to work to gain that trust with our clients, ask the hard questions, then determine the best course of action.

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