Jennifer Friberg, CFA

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Jennifer Friberg, CFA, is a Senior Associate Relationship Manager at Balentine. In this role, she enhances the Atlanta Wealth Management Team’s service capabilities by conducting financial analysis to support investment recommendations, financial plan preparation, and portfolio reviews. Prior to joining Balentine in 2022, Jennifer worked at BlackRock for several years, managing fixed-income portfolios for corporate pension plans and other large institutions. In her free time, she enjoys being at the barn and riding her aptly named horse, “Cash.” Jennifer graduated from Washington and Lee University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Jennifer holds the Chartered Financial Analyst licensure.

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Jennifer Friberg, CFA
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BA, Washington and Lee University (Economics)


BlackRock, Client Portfolio Manager

Friberg Wealth Management Group, Associate Wealth Advisor

Brawner Company, Inc., Financial Analyst

Professional affiliations & awards

CFA Charterholder

Community involvement

Therapeutic Riding Program Volunteer


How and why did you get into this business?

I honestly began my career in wealth management because my father was in the industry, and I had exposure to it at a young age. I’m so thankful that my life situation allowed me to have such direct access to this industry because it quickly became my life passion. Over the years, I have realized that gaining knowledge about personal wealth is actually quite difficult and those without close access can often times go years or a lifetime without understanding key concepts to growing and protecting their own wealth. This realization sparked my passion for helping clients who either do not have the time, desire, and/or knowledge to grow and protect their personal wealth as well as helping empower clients with wealth management education tailored to them.

What inspires you to come to work each day?

The dynamic nature of both the markets and the life situation of our clients creates an environment with unique problems to be solved every day — and that’s what keeps me excited about my work. Most of all, our clients inspire me every day to bring my best self to work to deliver on our promise to them to help them achieve their financial and personal goals, which are almost always intertwined.

Why did you choose to work at Balentine?

I chose to work at Balentine of the integrity of the people who make up Balentine and the integrity of how the company and the investments are managed. I would not be able to work somewhere where I didn’t believe in the products and services being provided to our clients, so the high quality of people and services Balentine have to offer their clients was the most important factor for my decision.

What do you like to do in your downtime away from work?

I enjoy almost anything outside, so running, walking with my best friend (a 1 year old English Setter), attempting my hand at the driving range, or paddle boarding when it’s warm enough. However, my all-time favorite activity is horseback riding.

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