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Lillis Breland, CTFA, is Balentine’s Transition Manager. She works exclusively with new clients, throughout the entire transition process, from paperwork to transition of assets. This role is designed to ensure that each client’s relationship with Balentine begins strongly and is successful.

Lillis has worked in the wealth management industry for nearly 20 years, most recently as a senior associate at CIBC Private Wealth Management. Prior to that, she spent five years at GenSpring Family Offices, in the roles of trust analyst and family services coordinator.

Lillis graduated with a bachelor’s degree in financial planning from Texas Tech University. She received her Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA) designation in 2015.

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Lillis Breland, CTFA
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BS, Texas Tech University (Financial Planning)


CIBC Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management, Senior Associate

GenSpring Family Offices, Family Services Coordinator & Trust Analyst

Brownson, Rehmus & Foxworth, Financial Analyst

Professional affiliations & awards

Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA)

Community involvement

How and why did you get into this business?

Though my degree is in financial planning, after college I chose to go into commercial real estate development. After moving to Atlanta, I was introduced to a friend’s wife who heard me discussing personal calculations and planning I had done for my retirement. Our subsequent conversation led to my first job in wealth management (with the firm for which she was a partner), and my entry into a field which was a much better fit for me.

Why did you choose to come to work at Balentine?

Balentine’s values align so closely with my own, and the people here genuinely enjoy coming to work. It is a dynamic, growing firm, and it’s exciting to be a part of that energy.

What do you like to do in your down time away from work?

Play with my daughter! We enjoy going on little adventures, including hiking, camping, and backpacking. When I’m able, I also like to practice yoga. Exploring the array of festivals, parks, trails, and restaurants which Atlanta has to offer is always fun, and I never turn down a chance to travel.

What is the most exotic place you have ever been?

A small village outside Hoi An in Vietnam. The locals still work in the rice fields, and you can watch the elders dying and weaving cloth. Pho is eaten by families for breakfast sitting on the sidewalks together, seated around tiny tables, with the matriarch serving everyone from a huge, steaming bowl. It is such a different way of life, and beautiful to see.

Who were your heroes growing up and how did that influence your life and career?

My grandfather was always my greatest hero. He came from extremely humble beginnings and went on to become a doctor, helping and saving the lives of hundreds of people during his 60 years in practice. Outside of work, his most-asked question was, “What can I do to help you?” He was always trying to make the lives of his family better, and to help anyone who came across his path. He was stubborn, diligent, and giving from the very bottom of his heart. He taught me to pursue with patience and dedication whatever it was I hoped to accomplish in life, and to help anyone I could along the way.

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