Rebecca Evans

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Rebecca Evans is a Relationship Associate in Balentine’s Atlanta office. In this role, she supports Relationship Managers by addressing client questions and concerns quickly and effectively. Before joining Balentine, Rebecca worked as a Client Service Specialist and Team Lead at Mercer Advisors. She holds a B.S. from Kennesaw State University.

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Rebecca Evans
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BS, Kennesaw State University (Anthropology)


10+ years of experience in customer support roles

1.5 years at Mercer Global Advisors as a Client Service Specialist

Professional affiliations & awards
Community involvement

Support local agriculture via sourcing our household’s food stocks from farmers markets

Regularly support our local businesses and Atlanta artists


How and why did you get into this business?

Most of my work history is comprised of serving at various restaurants throughout my twenties. As I approached the next decade of my life, I began to consider what my retirement might look like if I remained on the same path. After researching little habits today that can make huge differences years in the future, I became fascinated with finance, investing, and understanding retirement to a fuller degree. My work in financial client services is the perfect mix of my experience, interests, and helping others.

What inspires you to come to work each day?

I am inspired by the teams I work with. Knowing that I’m making someone else’s life a little easier brings me great satisfaction in the workplace. I also find joy in noticing the gaps or spots I can fill to optimize my team’s capabilities.

What keeps you awake at night?

The education of our children keeps me awake most nights. I sincerely hope that life skills, freedoms, and community harmony are being stressed by our schools. I think we all have a vested interest in making sure the growth of later generations is headed in the right direction.

What was the hardest lesson learned and how did you learn it?

Learning to appreciate everyone’s individual liberties was a difficult pill to swallow in my young adulthood. This is especially true when you believe that you have life all figured out. Through countless trial and error debates, I realized that my ears should do a lot more work in every conversation, and the practice of listening and learning has built many of the relationships I thankfully have today.

If you weren’t in this business, what would you be doing?

After years in the industry, I believe I would have enjoyed working as a restaurant consultant. Improving a business’ efficiency, habits, and service would have been a satisfying alternate career venture.

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