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Andre “Dre” Forbes is the Director of Information Technology at Balentine. In this role, he elevates existing technology and software, manages relationships with our software providers, and strategically plans for future technology and data opportunities. Prior to joining Balentine, Dre worked as an IT Engineer and Manager at Gearbox Solutions, where he helped build custom software integrations for over 200 clients.

Dre is a graduate of Kennesaw State University, where he earned a BS in Health Science and a MS in Information Systems.

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Andre Forbes
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Kennesaw State University - Bachelors of Science

Kennesaw State University - MSIS


7 Years - System Specialist - Apple System Admin

8 Years - IT Engineer - IT Manager

Professional affiliations & awards

Black Entrepreneurs of Atlanta

Mac Specialist of Atlanta

Community involvement

NAACP Member

Youth Summer Camp Sponsor


What keeps you awake at night?

The next step.
I'm constantly problem-solving and running through scenarios in my head to come up with the best possible outcomes. This process helps me decide the next step, be comfortable taking on any challenge that might present itself, and hunt for other problems.

What Inspires you to come to work each day?

I find joy in helping others. I've dedicated my life to using Technology to improve the lives of others. Sometimes it's on a smaller level, and sometimes it's on a broader scope. But being able to save someone's day, improve office workflow, or fortify system security are the things that drive me.

How and Why did you get into this business?

For me business is technology.
I got into technology because it made me happy, and it just so happens the business allowed me to utilize technology to improve the lives of others. My passion and reason for being in this business are using technology to promote growth and improve lives.

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