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Manuela Queliz is an Administrative Associate in the Atlanta Office. In this role, she ensures all clients, prospects, and guests have first-class in-person and virtual experiences with Balentine and supports Atlanta relationship managers. Manuela’s passion for excellence and organization will help create the first-class experience we strive to provide for our clients. Prior to joining Balentine, Manuela worked as an executive assistant at Crescent Mortgage. She holds a B.S. from Florida State University and a Masters Degree from Georgia Southern University.

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Manuela Queliz
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BSW, Florida State University

BA, Florida State University

M. Ed., Georgia Southern University


Crescent Mortgage Company, Executive Assistant

The Brass Tap, Corporate Trainer

EXP Realty, Realtor

Professional affiliations & awards

Mortgage Bankers Association

National Association of Realtors

Community involvement

Furkids Animal Shelter

I Care Atlanta


What inspires you to come to work each day?

I am inspired to come to work each day to provide others with positive and educational experiences. My personal brand centers on leading with kindness. Often, people hesitate to pursue their curiosities or ask questions due to fear of judgment.I take pride in being approachable and creating an environment where people feel comfortable asking questions. There is significant power in being a supportive resource without belittling anyone while equipping them with the tools to feel empowered. In my previous role, I enjoyed empowering loan officers to explore new marketing strategies. Despite their initial fears of failure or doubt in their abilities, it was rewarding to support and educate them, helping them overcome their apprehensions and succeed.

Who were your heroes growing up and how did that influence your life and career?

My biggest heroes growing up were my parents. They met when my dad was traveling to the DominicanRepublic for work; I was two at the time. After getting married and living in the Dominican Republic for a few years, we moved to the United States. Much of my mom’s education and training were not recognized here, but I watched her work in a factory while taking night classes to earn an Associate's Degree. She is now pursuing a career in nursing. As the matron of our family, she contributes significantly to both our immediate family and our relatives in the Dominican Republic. She instilled in me a strong sense of community and an unyielding resilience.

My dad taught me the value of education and the importance of using what I learn to help others who lack the same opportunities. He encouraged me to be curious about the world. Together, my parents influenced my life and career by teaching me that knowledge is limitless. They empowered me during moments of doubt and supported my decisions, even when others might have found them unconventional—like living abroad at the age of 18. Their unwavering support and belief in my potential have shaped my approach to both life and career, inspiring me to pursue my passions fearlessly.

What is the most exotic place you have ever been?

The most exotic place I have ever been is Morocco. I was 19 at the time and found a $20 round-trip flight through RyanAir, a not-so-luxury European airline. I hadn't done much research; I just knew we needed to dress more conservatively. We stayed in a hostel that was a 15th-century riad—one of the most beautiful hotels/hostels I have ever seen, costing only $11 a night at the time.

We took an excursion to see the Atlas Mountains, rode camels, and learned about the Berber people's migration into the mountains. I witnessed a new way of life and worship. At night, we would walk through the market, sit with shop owners, have tea, and share stories about our different life journeys and world experiences. For the first time, I learned about Islam outside of a textbook.

I tried new foods, discovered the value of small businesses, and encountered new smells. Although I had been living abroad and experiencing many new places, this was the first time I felt I had completely left my world behind.

Why did you choose to come to work at Balentine?

I chose to come work for Balentine for many reasons. Primarily, I was impressed by the tenure of current employees, the positivity I felt from everyone I spoke with, and the genuine excitement everyone had for the brand. The opportunities for growth here are particularly exciting to me. It seems that Balentine fosters a supportive team community. Throughout my life, I have continually "leveled up" through valuable mentorship, and I want to work for a company where I can speak proudly about my workplace and have that genuine pride shine through. I am looking for a company that supports employee growth, encourages development, and empowers its team members. I do not want to be someone who must job-hop due to a lack of opportunities or support in their environment.

What do you like to do in your down time away from work?

When I am not working, I first spend time with my two dogs and my current foster dog. I am constantly in pursuit of new experiences. I love exploring new parts of Atlanta. My friends and I say we are “hobby hunting,” trying something new each month—whether it’s rock climbing, glass blowing, or painting in the park. I also volunteer every Sunday at Furkids, where I socialize puppies, walk dogs, and teach them basic commands. Additionally, I help facilitate dog adoption events at local bars and restaurants a few times a year.

I volunteer at I Care Atlanta, a local food bank. We prepare boxes that can feed families for up to three months, which are either picked up or distributed at low-income apartment complexes. During football season, I organize bins at gyms, restaurants, and bars to collect cans for Thanksgiving. We also collect donations to purchase turkeys and have built a relationship with Kroger, which provides us with discounted prices. Last year, we fed 50 families.

I love paddle boarding, being on the water, working out, and traveling. I have been to almost 30 countries, constantly seeking new experiences and adventures.

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