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Savanna Westmoreland is a Relationship Associate on the Multi-Family Office team. In this role, she delivers excellent service while creating capacity and redundancy. Since she joined Balentine in 2021, her positive attitude and collaborative efforts have enabled her team to provide first-class experiences for clients. Savanna earned a B.A. from the University of South Florida.

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Savanna Westmoreland
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BA, University of South Florida (Mass Communications)


Balentine, Administrative Associate

Rare Disease Research, Executive Administrative Assistant

Core Home, Administrative Associate

SC International, Marketing Associate

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Why did you choose to work at Balentine?

I chose to work at Balentine because I saw an opportunity to be part of a wonderful organization and a chance to grow a career. I have been in different administrative roles before, and this is the first where I have found excellent training, a sense of belonging, and the opportunity to grow. I am excited to have a future here at Balentine.

What inspires you to come to work every day?

I am inspired by supporting my team and helping our clients achieve their financial goals. In addition, I am always excited to learn new topics and I feel that I learn something new each day in the office.

What do you like to do in your down time away from work?

When I am not in the office I tend to be with my best friend or with my family. I enjoy exercise, whether that is at the CrossFit gym or running on the Beltline. On weekends I enjoy exploring the city, going to my favorite brewery (Torched Hop), and visiting my parents in Auburn.

What keeps you awake at night?

I take great pride in my work and in my personal life, so when I disappoint someone, it takes over my mind. Though there are times when there is nothing I could’ve done to change an outcome, I pause and course-correct when I have the chance.

How does your role fit into the big picture of serving clients?

I believe my role is the foundation of how the Relationship Managers (RMs) conduct their client meetings. I am happy to do any and every task asked of me, such as putting together meeting materials or coordinating schedules, because I know it makes a difference.

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