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With 35 years of wealth management experience, our knowledge runs deep. We build long-term, trusted relationships based on expertise, sincerity, and impact.

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What’s your legacy of possibility?

Financial decisions, family dynamics, and, for entrepreneurs, the intertwined considerations between business and family can feel heavy. We’ll focus on wealth’s complexities so you can focus on its upsides.

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How does Balentine manage money?
How do I protect my family’s future?
What’s the difference between “wealth” and “legacy”?
How can I simplify my financial picture?
Why do clients choose Balentine?

Our vision stands the test of time.

When Robert Balentine and his father, Bob Balentine, saw the chance to build a different kind of investment firm in 1987, they chose "what could be" over "what is."

Several decades and billions of dollars in assets under management later, Balentine is still choosing potential — backed by proven processes, exceptional people, and an unemotional, data-driven investment process to create performance.


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The Balentine Difference

"We thank you for arranging these Balentine family reviews that are, professional, thought provoking, respectful and fun. We are the privileged recipients of a world view customized to our needs. We shall look forward to the next event."

Brian, Susie and Tania Dyson

Current Balentine Clients
"I make decisions based on the people and their values – and Balentine’s values are profound. They are true, genuine, and strong people. Balentine is a special company, the way the whole company feels through its people."

Marc & Cécile Noël

Current Balentine Clients
“When selecting wealth advisors, we wanted to work with a firm that understands what we face as entrepreneurs and can be proactive in addressing our needs. Balentine has delivered on this and more.”

Todd and Laura Olson

Current Balentine Clients
“Balentine is a firm that listens. They focus on continually making it a better company by focusing on their clients and how to serve us better. As a client, I think that’s incredibly important and exciting.”

Andy Vabulas

Current Balentine Client
“I feel well supported. There’s a high level of trust. When I need additional resources, Balentine marshals it from their broader team. They provide well thought-out advice and have added value with their personalized and boutique approach.”

Former CEO of Public Company

Current Balentine Client
“We chose to work with Balentine years ago because of their attention to detail and personal integrity. So many aspects of the company have grown and improved over the years, but the basics have remained as a bedrock for us.”

Current Balentine Client
“Since we began working with Balentine, I have grown to appreciate more of the different people that are there assisting with the guidance of my decision making in building wealth for me and my family. Which is not only a matter of trust but having the confidence in your firm to know that you are there every step in the way.”

Current Balentine Client
Balentine clients were not compensated via credits or other benefits from Balentine for providing testimonials. Quotes do not necessarily represent all client experiences.

We wrote the book on wealth and legacy.

Your wealth was built bit by bit, day by day. Your legacy will be as well. But what does it take to build a meaningful legacy, and how can your wealth best support future generations?

Authors Robert Balentine and Adrian Cronje, Ph.D., share stories that illuminate guiding principles and provide practical steps entrepreneurs can take to avoid the Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves phenomenon.

Balentine First generation Wealthy Book by Robert Balentine and Adrian Cronje
“During our careers, so many of us are so wholly immersed in our companies that we don’t take time to think through communication around money within our families. First Generational Wealth provides a thoughtful roadmap to help navigate issues around wealth and legacy.”

Frank Blake

Former Chairman and CEO, The Home Depot

“A guidebook for wealth creators to think through difficult questions around wealth, legacy, and family. It is definitely a worthy read for entrepreneurs and the advisors that serve them…the book is an insightful roadmap for dealing with the issues that first generation wealth creates.”

Paul Bouchey

Journal of Wealth Management