Wealth sparks possibilities.
Our approach ignites momentum.

After 35 years, the roots of our experience run deep. We can help you plan, preserve, and perpetuate wealth.

Balentine Relationship Manager helping client preserve wealth
Wealth management

A partnership to propel your wealth and legacy.

Balentine Relationship Manager helps family with financial planning in meeting

How we work with each other

When you hire Balentine, you hire our entire team — and receive our combined decades of experience. 100% employee-owned, we prioritize collaborative over competition, working together to bring our collective expertise to each client.

How we work with you

We build long-term, trusted partnerships. As true fiduciaries, we put our client's best interests first and tailor each relationship. Wherever you are on your wealth journey, we are here to guide you in preserving your wealth for generations.

How we manage your money

Our model-driven investment approach, developed through 35 years of data and experience, seeks to provide consistent, long-term results. We manage risk ahead of return to preserve and propel the wealth you've worked so hard to build.

Wealth management

Gain more than investment results — gain peace of mind.

The Balentine legacy has been one of innovation, client service, and giving back to the community. As a boutique, full-service firm, we marry the technical aspects of managing wealth with what’s important to you, your family, or your business.

If there’s a complex situation involving planning, markets, or investing, chances are we’ve seen it. Take comfort in our experience and unique perspective.

‍How can we help you on your wealth management journey?

We dynamically prioritize your relevant planning areas – from asset and balance sheet management to cash flow reporting and maintenance.

We help clients explore key components of legacy to reach new levels of alignment, authenticity, trust, and transparency with loved ones.

Markets fluctuate – but our data-driven investment process stays constant. We manage portfolios of public and private markets, while considering tax strategy.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we help business owners parse through options to maximize outcomes in their businesses.

Family office

Purposefully built by and for entrepreneurial families of wealth.

Navigating the many complexities of generational wealth are difficult; we strive to simplify this for families, providing peace of mind and giving back what money cannot buy: time.

We aim to deliver sophisticated and customized solutions for clients navigating intricate multi-generational situations.

Balentine clients collaborating with their advisors to preserve their wealth for future generations
Institutional management

We help institutions protect capital and capture market upside.

We understand the responsibility carried by each steward of a plan, whether you are the trustee tasked with layers of complex fiduciary duties or the consultant helping support the many decisions trustees must navigate.  Balentine serves as a trusted partner to plans and consultants with a directive to protect capital, capture market upside, and identify and act on opportunities.

From bull to bear

Our reliable, model-driven approach is paired with a proactive, tactical market strategy to capture both long-term and near-term opportunities.

Beyond spreadsheets

Our repeatable investment process is backed by a timeless philosophy, facilitated by our dedicated institutional management team.