Wealth sets you on a path.
35 years of wealth management experience can help guide you on your journey.

Something in your life catapulted you to where you are today.
Whatever you're experiencing, it's likely we've seen it.


Each client has unique goals and circumstances, so we’ll tailor a strategy that encompasses every piece of your financial picture today and design your portfolio with institutional-quality investments. As fiduciaries without proprietary products or commission-based compensation, our interests are always aligned with yours.

“I chose Balentine because you demonstrated flexibility to work with me and not to just bring me some canned solution. With some of the big firms, I felt much more like they were going to apply their solution rather than build a bespoke approach to my needs.”
- Balentine Client


Wealth opens doors of possibility, and we can help you decide which ones to walk through. Our tailored approach to your investment strategy, legacy planning, business advisory, or financial, estate, and tax planning, aims to help you grow the wealth you’ve worked hard to build. As your wealth grows in our unemotional, data-driven investment model, we can help you grow your impact too so that you may leave an everlasting legacy.

“I would describe Balentine as a multi-generational sort of partner. The preservation and growth of family capital is important because I have to think about our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.”
- Balentine Client


Your wealth wasn’t acquired overnight — it was built with intention over time. We believe protecting your wealth requires the same care and attention, which is why we have specialists in all facets of wealth management. Our comprehensive advice focuses on preserving your wealth for generations, from every angle: Investments, preparing future generations, and coordinated financial, estate, and tax planning.

“Balentine’s whole idea of wealth preservation really resonated with me. The notion of ‘We’re not here to make you rich; we’re here to keep you rich’ was important. I wanted someone to protect what I built.”
- Balentine Client

Balentine clients were not compensated via credits or other benefits from Balentine for providing testimonials.

Aim for more than meeting a market benchmark.

At Balentine, “success” is defined in your terms. Our partnership means receiving highly personalized counsel that reflects your own goals and values, gaining access to our entire team of experts, and benefitting from a broad-based financial “quarterback” with more than a quarter century of experience. That’s the Balentine difference.

Exclusive Excellence
Entrepreneurial Perspective
Personalized Alignment
Proactive Leadership
Familial Connection

The Balentine Difference

“Balentine helps us by asking the right questions; they guide us without imposing their thoughts. They keep us on the right track and come with solutions and tools for what we want to do.”

Marc Noël

Balentine Client
"The culture Balentine has created flows over to clients. It’s hugely important, and it feels good. Everyone has been friendly, easy to work with, and they roll up their sleeves to get stuff done quickly and accurately."

Retired Tech CEO

Balentine Client
(cont'd) "And while wealth is a serious topic, it doesn’t have to be boring. My relationship with Balentine is fun and we have a good time. They are trusted partners. The team understands what I’m trying to accomplish; we set mutual goals and regularly track our progress toward them."

Retired Tech CEO

Balentine Client
"Balentine has provided innovative ideas to address our philanthropic goals, independent counsel around legacy and estate planning, and flexibility in developing an investment strategy that complements our existing investments."

Todd & Laura Olson

Balentine Client
Balentine clients were not compensated via credits or other benefits from Balentine for providing testimonials.
Meet your team

We are Balentine.

A compelling and engaging workplace, Balentine is a firm at the forefront of our industry where employees are encouraged to learn from one another, grow personally and professionally, and make a true impact in the lives of others and in the communities we serve.

Our collaborative, adaptive, and perceptive team of experts is akin to family — a diverse group of likeminded peers with whom we build and foster meaningful, long-term relationships amongst each other and with our clients.

At Balentine, our full team is here to support you on each step of your unique wealth management journey. We hope you will join us!

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