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Illuminating investments in the private market.

A well-established private capital portfolio has two main benefits: Providing excess return and diversification from other investments. Is your portfolio at peak performance?

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Considerations for Allocating to Private Capital

We believe active asset management will be crucial to navigating the challenging environment created by high equity valuations and low interest rates. At Balentine, we look to private capital for meaningful excess returns due to the high growth nature of private companies and the control managers have over the outcome.

When assessing where to invest in the private markets, we look in the following sub-asset classes:

Private Equity

  • Venture capital
  • Growth equity
  • Buyout equity

Private Real Assets

  • Value-add real estate
  • Infrastructure and natural resources

Private Debt

  • Secured Lending
  • Non-secured Lending
  • Niche lending strategies

Opportunistic Investments

The ebb and flow of markets bring myriad dislocations and therefore investment opportunities. Balentine is constantly on the lookout for these opportunities.

How we work

Our perspective on private capital is personal.

As one of the few advisory firms that has actually “sat in the chair” as direct private equity investors, we take a unique approach to this type of investing — and we know that building out a private capital program is an intensive effort that takes meaningful time to get capital “in the ground.” But once the program is in place, it can become self-funding and begin to compound at high rates. Here’s how that happens.

Private capital roadmap

At Balentine, we construct a customized private capital strategy that aligns with our clients' liquidity needs, portfolio size and time horizon. As their portfolio grows, we provide additional investment opportunities, including broadening exposure across sub-asset classes, and co-investing directly alongside world class managers. All the while, we identify themes that we believe are poised to outperform for future generations.

Private capital universe

We take a “core-moon-satellite” approach to allocating to private capital — think of it as your own private capital “universe.” In this model, “core” holdings tend to be well-diversified and an asset class that investors should always be allocated to. “Moon” holdings tend to be direct funds that complement the core holding, and “satellite” allocations can be direct funds or deals and tend to be thematic in nature, looking to take advantage of themes we see in the market.

Due diligence process

Balentine’s private capital due diligence process covers hundreds of managers sourced through multiple channels. When approving funds, we focus on the four “P”s: People, philosophy, process, and performance.


The long-term implementation road map for full deployment of our recommended private capital allocations for each client is unique. Your path will be based on our current recommended managers and asset class weightings (which could change in the future).

When you hire Balentine, our entire team supports you.

You can expect up-front expertise, exceptional service, and honest feedback. Our dedicated private capital team is collaborative and aligned, with a strong educational background and focused credentials. Our unique approach to private capital has been built from our decades of experience in the space. We are one of the few advisory firms that have actually "sat in the chair" as private equity investors ourselves.

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Learn the ins and outs of investments.

From tips for maintaining investment discipline to learning about private capital as an asset class, browse our collection of investment-related resources from Balentine thought leaders.

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Reach for your goals —we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you get there.

At Balentine, we do it all — even services that don’t neatly fall into one of these categories. Our highly personalized, full-team approach brings objectivity, insight, and experience to identify your goals and objectives. How can we help you on your wealth management journey?

Our financial planning services run the gamut, from asset and balance sheet management to cash flow reporting and maintenance.

We help clients reach new levels of alignment, authenticity, trust, and transparency with loved ones by including each generation in discussions around wealth and exploring opportunities that reflect family values and interests.

Managing wealth is distinctly different from managing and operating a company — and as entrepreneurs ourselves, we can provide unbiased, experience-backed advice on decisions like taking your company public, making your exit, or creating a succession plan.

We proudly serve as a trusted partner to plans and consultants alike: Protecting capital, capturing market upside, and identifying and acting on opportunities, near and far.

Is private capital right for you?

Meet with one of our advisors to see if Balentine’s private capital options work for you.

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